1961: A failed military revolt in Algeria

In late April 1961, a failed military revolt took place in Algeria, the then integral part of France located in North Africa. The revolt became one of the most controversial event in France’s modern history, with a strong participation of the Foreign Legion.

The action known as “The Putsch” was launched to press then French President Charles de Gaulle to not abandon French Algeria. The most important (and also the least known) fact of this sad history is that there was yet another military putsch in Algeria, back in 1958. A putsch in support of de Gaulle, which successfully brought the retired politician back to power. With the only goal to achieve – to save French Algeria…

If you are interested in the failed 1961 Putsch and the Legion units participating in, see our newly published article. It is supplemented with many images and well-ordered data.

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1961 Generals’ Putsch of Algiers - Foreign Legion - History - 1961