New documentary: Battle of Camerone

Last week, the French Foreign Legion released its own documentary dedicated to the Battle of Camerone. The battle is a holy symbol of the Foreign Legion and an example of bravery and determination of fighting until the finish.

The documentary was made by the Foreign Legion Influence & Heritage Division (DRPLE), which is assigned to the Foreign Legion Command (COMLE), based in Aubagne, the garrison town of the Legion in southern France and the home to the 1er RE.

The documentary is hosted by Captain Geraud Seznec, the curator of the Foreign Legion Museum (also in Aubagne). Captain Pierre Montagnon, a retired Foreign Legion paratrooper officer and historian is part of the cast. In 1961, he was discharged from the Legion for his active participation in the 1961 Generals’ Putsch of Algiers, when he commanded the 4th Company, 2e REP. Since then, Captain Montagnon has become a respected author specialized in the Foreign Legion’s history.

The 22-minute documentary is in French only. It would be nice to have English subtitles too. But still it is worth to see.

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