13e DBLE: Exercise Polaris 21

In late November and early December 2021, a large French-led joint maritime exercise Polaris 21 took place in the Mediterranean Sea. This multi-national, combined and inter-theatre exercise involved around 6,000 French troops from the French Army, Navy and Air Force, including legionnaires from the 13th Foreign Legion Half Brigade (13e DBLE), the only infantry elements taking part in the exercise.

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Foreign Legion: Exercise Arc-21 in Japan

Between May 11 and 16, 2021, the French Foreign Legionnaires participated in a joint exercise Jeanne D’Arc 21, alongside their allies from the Japan Self Defense Force, Australian Defence Force, and U.S. Armed Forces. The exercise took place at Camp Ainoura (Naval Base Sasebo), and at Kirishima Maneuver Area, both located on the island of Kyushu, in the south of Japan. It was for the very first time when French troops took part in such exercise in Japan.

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