Documentary 2015: Foreign Legion – For adventure and for France

Watch an interesting, professional 2015 documentary about the French Foreign Legion created by M6, a private national French TV channel as a part of their Zone Interdite documentary series. The documentary shows two sides of the Legion. The first side represents enlisting volunteers and their way from joining in the Legion in Aubagne, through basic training at a farm of the 4e RE, till obtainig the famous Képi blanc (White kepi). The second one represents 2e REP legionnaires during an operation in the Sahara of northern Niger.

We can see the volunteers comprising 23 nationalities, from the 1st Enlisted Volunteers Company (1CEV), 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE), lead by a 22-year-long serving legionnaire, Adj Franck, while going to become the legionnaires.

In Chad and later in northern Niger, we can see legionnaires from the 1st Company, 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), accompanied by their regimental commander. They prepare and then also realize the night combat jump in the Salvador pass to eliminate Islamic rebel groups in the region.

At the end of the documentary, we can see a little exercise to liberate the hostages, conducted by 2e REP GCP commandos.

Documentary timeline:

– 2:19 – volunteers entering the Legion HQ in Aubagne
– 13:40 – Rouges (selected candidats) starting their military life in Aubagne
– 21:08 – obtaining the contract in the Legion’s Museum
– 23:26 – receiving the equipment
– 25:20 – leaving Aubagne for Castelnaudary
– 26:22 – Castelnaudary (the training regiment)
– 37:00 – La Ferme (4-week-long basic instruction)
– 44:00 – 2e REP Legionnaires in Chad
– 57:30 – La Ferme – last day at the farm
– 1:00:50 – Marche Képi blanc (31 miles/50 km)
– 1:20:00 – Obtaing the Kepi blanc ceremony (at 1er REG HQ)
– 1:23:05 – Castelnaudary – Quartier libre (free time in the town)
– 1:27:30 – 2e REP and the operation in the Salvador pass
– 1:37:45 – Calvi, Corsica, 2e REP GCP (Commandos) exercise
– 1:44:45 – the end

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