1er REG: 2018 Regimental March

In late September 2018, officers and legionnaires of the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (1er REG), an engineering unit of the French Foreign Legion, carried out a regimental march in the Gard region of southern France.

Following their commanding officer, Colonel Pinard Legry, the 1er REG’s companies marched between the famous Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard (the highest of all elevated Roman aqueducts, it was built in the first century AD) and their headquarters, Quartier General Rollet, located in Laudun. The regiment covered 22 miles (35 km) in full kit in several hours.

After having finished the march, the officers and legionnaires enjoyed a collective barbecue within their military base.

In 2018, 1er REG legionnaires deployed to Mali in West Africa, Lebanon in the Middle East or to French Guiana in Southern America.


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[MARCHE RÉGIMENTAIRE]C'est derrière leur chef que les cadres et légionnaires ont foulé cette semaine la terre et le…

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