Foreign Legion Saharan Motorized Companies in North Africa: History & Images

On the 31st March of 1963, the famous, legendary and little-known four Foreign Legion Saharan motorized units were disbanded and their men, vehicles, traditional uniforms and fanions merged with two infantry regiments. The dream of many generations of young men, the legionnaire of the Sahara with his white kepi, V-shaped bandoliers, baggy seroual trousers, a burnous cloak and sandals, officially disappeared.

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10 March 1831: When a Legion was born

188 years ago, on 10 March 1831, a royal ordinance of Louis Philippe I, King of the French was issued. The ordinance ordered the establishment of the Foreign Legion, to engage a number of foreign deserters asking to serve France. Until the 2000s, the 10th March of 1831 marked the official birthday of the current French Foreign Legion which derived its origin from that original Legion. Nevertheless, the lineage of the Legion is far more complex and because of that, the official birthday was quietly changed in the last decade to the more neutral 9th March.

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Foreign Legion: Christmas Challenges 2018

As a long-existed tradition, all units of the French Foreign Legion organize Christmas challenges before Christmas Eve, the second most important holiday within the Legion. The challenges help to keep unit cohesion, to compare the force of their companies and to provide a little bit of fun for their hard-working men. See images taken during the Christmas challenges in several Legion regiments.

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