2022 Legion Christmas nativity scenes

Christmas Eve marks the second most important holiday within the French Foreign Legion, traditionally a pro-Catholic institution. Thus, for that day, legionnaires in all units of the Legion create original nativity scenes and compete to see which one is the nicest and most original. This Legion tradition is unique within the French Army.

On Christmas Eve (December 24), every man serving with the Foreign Legion remains together with his comrades, from the highest-ranking officer to the freshest enlisted volunteer starting his basic training. This day is marked mainly by a regimental dinner at the dining room and Christmas presents distributed by commanders among their men. Thereafter, Christmas “sketches” (parody scenes) are performed by young legionnaires for the whole regiment.

Nevertheless, before the meal, the Christmas crèches (nativity scenes) are presented by each Legion platoon, after several days/weeks of their creation. They usually represent the legionnaires, their daily life, their garrison, their history, and are based on traditional Christian themes. In recent years, the scenes may be even performed by real legionnaires.

See some nice Christmas nativity scenes made within the Foreign Legion in December 2022. This long-time tradition encourages both cohesion and creativity among legionnaires.

PHOTOS: 2e REI: 2022 Christmas nativity scenes
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