Happy New Year 2023

Again a particular year is behind us, this time marked by geopolitical turbulences instead of health restrictions. However, the year of 2022 also marked ten years that have successfully passed since the launch of the FOREIGNLEGION INFO website in September 2012. How many legionnaires got their first info on the Legion here and then proudly completed their five years? Who knows. Nevertheless, I am glad to see that you, the readers, are still enjoying the work that has already been done. Thank you.

Now, with a new year upon us, is a suitable time for another annual review.


What has been done in 2022?

In December 2021, I mentioned only two important tasks for 2022: to fully rewrite the articles mapping the History of the 1er REC and the History of the 13e DBLE. After a long time, these tasks were finally achieved.

However, other new texts were published as well in 2022: 1956 Tainaste Attack in Morocco about the Legion’s largest combat loss in Morocco since the end of the country’s pacification in 1934, Lieutenant Colonel Brochet de Vaugrigneuse about one of the two highest-ranking officers of the Foreign Legion that have been killed in action since 1954, 1882 Battle of Chott Tigri about a lesser known battle in which legionnaires were fighting one against six, the fully rewritten 3rd Foreign Legion Task Force about a unit that helped to install the Foreign Legion in France, GOLE: Foreign Legion Operational Group about the last operational battalion of the Legion, the fully rewritten 1932 Turenne Rail Accident about the deadliest accident ever experienced by the Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Dimitri Amilakvari about a famous Foreign Legion officer that was killed by Germans in 1942, 61st Engineer Legion Mixed Battalion and Foreign Legion Pioneer Company about units that helped to build the largest military training area in Western Europe, and finally 1952 Battle of Na San about a successful battle in an entrenched valley in Indochina.

So, it’s all together twelve articles (many of them with a French version) for twelve months. That’s, once again, a much better result than I had initially expected because of my limited free time.

In the meantime, I decided to open another way how to share with you rare pictures or other items related to the Legion. That’s why the PHOTOS and DOCUMENTS series were launched in this outgoing year, already comprising nine articles.


Tasks for 2023

What about my plans for the upcoming year?

I’ve already started some new works, including that one about the Legion Training Group (GILE, 1955-1977), predecessor to the 4e RE in Castelnaudary. In fact, it is a work consisting (right now) of 10+ smaller articles. But there are some information gaps that need to be filled. And that’s why the publishing date is unknown.

Nevertheless, in February, an article should be published about the 1933 Battle of Bou Gafer that took place in Morocco. In March, an article should be published about Lt. Col. Brunet de Sairigné from the 13e DBLE who was killed in Indochina in early March 1948. I also plan to write a small text about the Legion Autonomous Artillery Group, a forgotten, obscure unit that existed in Morocco from 1943 to 1944; I’ve got some rare sources for it.

Other texts are planned as well. Among them that one dedicated to Lt. Col. Jeanpierre, the commander of the 1er REP who was killed in May 1958, or an article dealing with the little-known 1892 Sudan Company.

Besides, I would like to expand the PHOTOS and DOCUMENTS series to include, for example, old Foreign Legion unit stamps. Other categories are planned as well.


Support – Thanks

As each December, I have to warmly thank all of you who support this website through the Foreign Legion Info’s U.S. based Store or the EU-based Shop. I really appreciate your interest and your support. It helps me a lot to cover the costs and the work that this website requires. Even in 2022, I tried to refresh a little bit the designs and add something new.

I also have to thank my friends Joe (Voltigeur), Andi, and Jack from Mon Legionnaire, as well as others (e.g. Roberto from Italy), for helping me with my effort and with the articles.

However, my most special thanks go to Krzysztof, who shares with all of us a lot of treasures from his large private archive, and thus enriches this website. I am really greatful to him.

As for you, my readers, I am glad to see your unwavering support. I hope you will continue to enjoy this website and find information in the articles always useful and interesting.

Wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face in the upcoming year!

Happy New Year 2023.

Bonne Année 2023.



Happy New Year 2023