Legion: Digital Kepi Blanc Magazine

Since November 2023, the Képi Blanc Magazine, a monthly journal of the famous French Foreign Legion, has been available also in the digital version! For those interested, below are instructions on how to order the digital (online) version of this magazine.

The Képi Blanc, named after the well-known cap of the legionnaires (White képi in English), has been published since 1947. It brings the news from the Legion and presents a comprehensive picture of the activities in the regiments (training, operations), as well as the history of the institution. It is distributed for free among all legionnaires to maintain cohesion and the bond of one family.

As for former legionnaires or the friends of the Foreign Legion, they have been allowed to buy a yearly subscription from the early years of the journal. This subscription means also an expression of Legion solidarity. In fact, the revenues contribute directly to the funds needed to finance and improve the living conditions of the disabled, wounded and veterans of the Legion, as well as the widows and orphans of the killed legionnaires.

If you would like to support the Legion and its social work in another way, you may subscribe to the Képi Blanc Magazine, now in digital format. It costs €35.00 (EUR) per year, which means around $37.35 (USD) or £30.55 (GBP) today, on November 10, 2023. You should get eleven KB issues for that price (already for decades, there has been a summer double issue). Here are instructions.

1. Go to Foyer d’Entraide de la Légion Etrangère.
This is an official website of the Foreign Legion Mutual Aid Foyer (FELE), a public institution run under the COMLE, which provides material and financial aid and manages fund-raising campaigns in support of the disabled, wounded, and veterans of the Legion. The link takes you to the Képi Blanc Magazine page on their web.

2. On the page, click ABONNEMENT (Subscription) or S’ABBONER (Subscribe), both buttons will navigate you to the same SUBSCRIPTION page.


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