3e REI: New Tracked Articulated Vehicle

In January 2022, the French Foreign Legion’s 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI), stationed in French Guiana of South America, tested a new tracked articulated, all-terrain carrier HT270.

The HT270 vehicle is to replace the older carriers used in French Guiana, VAC – BV206, produced in Sweden in the 1990s. Currently, the 3e REI remains the only French regiment that still uses them.

The new tracked articulated vehicles destined for the swampy terrain of Guiana are produced in Germany, and then transformed for the French Army by Technamm, a French company. They have a Mercedes-Benz 2.7 liter Diesel engine and are equipped with a MAG 58 machine gun. Around twenty of them will be received by the regiment this year.

3e REI: New Tracked Articulated Vehicle HT270

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