3e REI: 2021 Introduction Course

Every year between May and September, the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) admits new arrivals who are to serve with this prestigious unit in South America’s French Guiana. Before their definitive assignment to the regiment, they have to pass an initial introduction course in the jungle.

The so-called SIVFE (Stage d’initiation à la vie en forêt équatoriale – Introduction Course to life in the equatorial forest) is one the five courses conducted within the CEFE (Jungle Training Center). It lasts from 3 to 5 days. On the program: become aware of the dangers in the jungle, life in the environment (installation, movement) and instruction on the Harpie mission, a joint mission aimed at illegal gold miners who destroy the local Amazonian rainforest.

The 3e REI is an overseas unit consisting of officers, NCOs, and legionnaires who are rotated every two years (within the Long Duration Mission, MLD). In some cases, their stay might be prolonged to three or even four years. Being volunteers asking to serve there, they come to Guiana from the Legion regiments based in mainland France and Corsica.

On the other hand, companies and squadrons of the Legion operational regiments are deployed on regular basis to French Guiana for the so-called Short Duration Mission (MCD) which lasts usually four months.

The CEFE center, run by the 3e REI, is famous all over the world because it offers an international jungle course for Western and Allied armies.

See a few nice images from the very last Introduction Course which occurred in French Guiana this summer.

3e REI: 2021 Introduction Course - SIVFE

3e REI: 2021 Introduction Course - SIVFE

3e REI: 2021 Introduction Course - SIVFE

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