3e REI: 2021 Eryx anti-tank missile course

In French Guiana in early February 2021, six legionnaires of the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) had successfully finished their Eryx course and became Eryx gunners.

The Eryx is a short-range portable wire-guided anti-tank missile used by the French Army (including the Foreign Legion) since the mid-1990s. Qualification firing with the ERYX for the six legionnaires from the 2nd and 3rd Companies took place at the shooting range of Baloupi, south of Kourou, the regiment’s garrison. The candidates were targeting a wreck of the AMX-30 battle tank distant some 260 yards (240 m). Prior to this final exam, each had to perform no less than 600 simulator firings.

3e REI: Eryx anti-tank missile course, February 2021.
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