4e RE: Remise de Kepi blanc at Armentières in October 2018

Last weekend, a platoon of the French Foreign Legion’s enlisted volunteers had finished their four-week initial training at an isolated farm in southern France. Led by a Staff Sergeant (a long-serving legionnaire), the platoon subsequently did a 40 mile-long march (60 km), known as the Marche de Kepi Blanc (White Kepi March) to have the right to make a military oath, obtain the sacred White Kepi and become the Legionnaire.

The two-day march in full kit took place in northern France, around Armentières, the town located close to Lille.

Thereafter, on October 27, 2018, the platoon of 36 enlisted volunteers coming from 19 countries around the world were ready to make their Remise de Kepi blanc (Obtaining of White Kepi, the Legion’s military oath) at Armentières, as the first Legion platoon ever.

Before the oath, the platoon was presented by their Staff Sergeant to Colonel de Roffignac, the commanding officer of the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE). The 4e RE serves as the training regiment of the Foreign Legion, to which the platoon is assigned.

The town was picked up because of the coming 100th anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11). At Armentières, there is a war memorial dedicated to the 30,000 legionnaires and foreign volunteers serving with the Legion who were killed for France during the war. Also, the Legion participated in a battle which took place there on May 9, 1915.

Many Legion and French Army veterans attended the outstanding ceremony, so rare for this part of France.

PHOTOS 1. 4e RE: 2018 Remise de Kepi blanc at Armentières.
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Acte symbolique et fort : remise des képis blancs pour 36 jeunes légionnaires, à Armentières, après une marche de 60 kms…

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PHOTOS 2. 4e RE: 2018 Remise de Kepi blanc at Armentières.
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Petite sortie à Armentières pour la remise des képis blancs de la Légion Étrangèrele temps n’étant pas de la partie…

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