Most complete database of French Foreign Legion historical events

The coming 11th November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the tragic World War I, in which millions of brave soldiers died. Between them, several thousands of legionnaires. In France during WWI, their unit became the most decorated unit of the French Army. No other comment is needed. This is a small contribution to remember their fallen brothers-in-arms (and also the fallen legionnaires of all conflicts and campaigns from 1831 until the present): since now, you can browse the most complete database of French Foreign Legion historical events ever created. Well-ordered data collected together from almost 30 books + tens of magazines + the internet. The gathered data are presented as On This Day. Each day is supplemented with an image.

The EVENTS project saw its birthday in February 2016, together with launching our Facebook Page. To provide some interesting information for the FB page, I started to collect the data and search corresponding images to illustrate the events. After more than 2,5 years, this day-by-day activity transformed into the largest database numbering over 1,100 well-documented events now.

A lot of these data were completely forgotten for decades, others hasn’t been published online until now (neither in French nor in English). Some information were interpreted incorrectly for long time (and have remained incorrect in official sources). Some information are waiting for being discovered yet in old books and magazines I have bought in recent weeks (and in those I have to buy yet). The database is (and will be) updated periodically.

This database couldn’t have been created without your support through our SHOP. That’s for sure. Thank you for your help! I appreciated it very much.

To see the Foreign Legion’s most complete database of historical events, click the link or the image below: French Foreign Legion – Historical Events

Historical Events - Foreign Legion