4e RE: 2024 Remise de Kepi blanc in Monaco

In early April 2024, a platoon of enlisted volunteers from the French Foreign Legion’s 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) completed the initial four-week instruction and were allowed to take the oath. The ceremony took place exceptionally on April 4 in Monaco, a sovereign city-state and constitutional monarchy located on the French Riviera. It was presided over by Prince Albert II, head of state, and General Youchtchenko, head of the Foreign Legion.

The four-month basic training of the Foreign Legion traditionally begins with a four-week introduction at one of the regiment’s three isolated farms lying not far from Castelnaudary (home of the 4e RE) in southern France. At the end of this initial instruction, a two-day march with full kit follows (about 40 miles / 60 km). It is known as the Marche de Képi blanc (White Kepi March). Every enlisted volunteer (the so-called EV) has to pass this test in order to be eligible to take the military oath, put the sacred White Kepi on his head, and be called Legionnaire. This ceremony is known as Remise de Képi blanc, Obtaining of White Kepi; it usually takes place in a different location in France. After that, of course, fresh legionnaires must continue their basic training for another three months.

PHOTOS: Remise de Kepi blanc in Monaco, April 4, 2024
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