3e REI: 2023 Jaguar Course Documentary

See a new documentary produced directly by the French Foreign Legion to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its presence in French Guiana, represented by the famous 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI). The 3e REI arrived in French Guiana in mid-September 1973, after having left Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The more than an hour-long documentary details an important task of the regiment: one of the most difficult military courses in the world, the two-month jungle warfare Jaguar Course.

The 50-year-long presence of the 3e REI in French Guiana was celebrated the last weekend (September 15-17), as part of Fourragere Day, the regiment’s holiday. However, official pictures from the festivities are yet to be published. Therefore, you may watch the documentary first. It reveals the international 2023 Jaguar Course which took place earlier this year, from February to April. The annual course is designed primarily for platoon leaders from allied armies around the world (both NCOs and officers) and organized by the 3e REI’s CEFE (Jungle Training Center). According to his commander, Captain Gomel, it is the longest and toughest course offered by the center.

This year, 42 participants from 19 countries initially entered the course while only 32 have successfully finished it, with Lieutenant Sandu J. from the Legion (a Romanian legionnaire who rose through the ranks, with 20+ years of service) finishing in first place, as the course’s valedictorian. See their way through hell.


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