3e REI: Activities in April 2023

See some of the activities of the Foreign Legion’s 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) that occurred in French Guiana, South America during April 2023.

On April 12, 2023, Belgium’s King Philippe arrived in French Guiana. He was accompanied by his son, 19-year-old Prince Gabriel. They were supposed to participate in the long-awaited launch of the Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (Juice) satellite that took place in the Guiana Space Center (Europe’s spaceport) the next day. In the afternoon of their first day in Guiana, the monarch and his son also visited the 3rd Foreign Regiment – whose task is, among others, to guard the space center – and met with officers, NCOs and legionnaires, as well as a Belgian participant in the 3e REI’s Jaguar jungle training international course.

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Later that same week, the aforementioned eight-week 2023 Jaguar jungle training course officially ended and the NCOs and officers from around the world, who had successfully finished it, obtained their certificate and Jaguar insignia.


And lastly, a ceremony took place in the Guiana Space Center a few days ago. It should be known that the year of 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the 3e REI’s arrival in French Guiana, after their departure from Madagascar. Hence, the regiment and the space center share a common history ranging from site development work to protection and security during rocket launches. To mark this history and the 50th anniversary, an insignia was created and displayed on the model of the Ariane 5 space rocket.


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