2e REG: Exercise Cerces 2021

In late November 2021, legionnaires from the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) of the French Foreign Legion participated in Cerces 2020, an annual mountain warfare exercise taking place in the French Alps in Savoie, a department in Southeastern France.

The exercise CERCES 2021 was a major annual large-scale maneuver of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (27e BIM). The main goal was to maintain the capacity of the mountain brigade troops to conduct a mountain warfare – to fight in mountain terrain. CERCES 2021 first took place in the Bauges massif and on the large Alpine firing range in the Valloire region. The maneuver lasted a week; it started on Novemebr 18 and was going on until November 24. Nearly 1,200 mountain soldiers participated, including the legionnaires from the 3rd Company and Combat Support Company, 2e REG.

PHOTOS. 2e REG and Exercise Cerces 2021.
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