2e REG: Exercise Cerces 2020

In late November 2020, legionnaires from the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG) of the Foreign Legion participated in Cerces 2020, an annual mountain warfare exercise taking place in the French Alps in Savoie, a department in Southeastern France.

The Cerces 2020 exercise occurred between November 23 and 27 on the Grand Champion of the Alps, near the well-known ski resort Valloire, a commune where the 2e REG runs their chalet. Cerces 2020 gathered around 800 soldiers from three regiments of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (27e BIM), including the 4th Company, 2e REG. During five days, the legionnaires, chasseurs alpins (Alpine Hunters) and artillerymen were engaged for a large live fire maneuver on the firing range of the Alps. Their goal was to maintain the capacity of the 27e BIM, and be well adapted in the mountains and for extreme cold.

The 2e REG is currently the youngest regiment of the French Foreign Legion. It was activated in July 1999 and is nicknamed “Mountain Regiment”.

2e REG: Cerces 2020

2e REG: Cerces 2020


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