4e RE: Obstacle course with Major Gérald

In a new Foreign Legion official video, Major Gérald Michiara presents an obstacle course which is well-known for all legionnaires and NCOs who have served with the Foreign Legion since the late 1980s – that one at the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) in Castelnaudary.

The 4e RE is the training regiment and school of the Foreign Legion. That means, all enlisted volunteers have to spend their four-month basic training there. That’s why the regiment’s obstacle course is well-known for all of them. The course teaches recruits tactical movement they will use in combat, as well as it allows them to improve significantly their physical condition and agility. The 4e RE’s obstacle course is 550 yards long (500 m) and is composed of 20 obstacles. The time results gained at the course figure in every recruit’s records and affect the basic training final result position among other members of his platoon.

In this video, Major Gérald shows us the best techniques on how to pass the obstacles in both, the standard way and the “practical” one to get a better time in a competition.

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