Foreign Legion: Hand-to-hand combat training with Major Gérald

See another interesting video published by the official French Foreign Legion channel on YouTube starring Major Gérald, the head of the Sports Office of the 1st Foreign Regiment (1er RE).

This time, the already well-known NCO presents us a taste of training of the French miliatry hand-to-hand combat techniques (called TIOR) in a course dedicated for future TIOR supervisors from different Foreign Legion regiments; including even a non-legionnaire from the “regular” Army. The supervisors (moniteurs) are trained for Module 1 level to be used during Operation Sentinelle patrols in French towns when a soldier is attacked.

Shot near Marseille, at Camp Carpiagne of the 1er REC, the video shows an initial introduction of the course and, since 3:00, the progression of the participatns after a week of training. The emphasis is put now more on the pedagogy since knowing how to teach the hand-to-hand combat techniques is very important for every supervisor.

As the older Senior Corporal says, the course is exeptional for training of the reactions for all potential attacks, within seconds. Because you never know what type of attack and what weapon your attacker is going to use. By the way, the Senior Corporal himself is a 2013 French champion in MMA (seen here: Sports in the French Foreign Legion). Enjoy it.


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