Sports in the French Foreign Legion

French Foreign Legion sports. You are good at boxing and would like to continue training even in the Legion. Are you able to do so? Besides obligatory running, pushing-up and pull-ups, which sports activities are supporting by the Foreign Legion?

Active duty time: It depends on your regiment, company and even a platoon. You can ride a bicycle, play football/soccer, rugby or volleyball. But certainly, you will be regularly doing also swimming, orienteering, combat parkour and fitness during the mornings in the Foreign Legion. Rock-climbing or parachuting on a regular basis are reserved for mountain or airborne units. As a member of one of the two Foreign Legion engineer regiments, you are able to become an combat diver as well. Most likely you will do a practical 3-weeks mountain combat training during your five-years contract, regardless of your regiment, to receive the Military Skier Certificate (Brevet de skieur militaire, BSM). You will be learning skiing within this course.

Military Skier Certificate 2e REP in the Alps in  March 2013
Legionnaires of the 2nd Company of the 2e REP during their Military Skier Certificate (Brevet de skieur militaire, BSM) training in the Alps (March 2013)

Free time: Every regiment of the Foreign Legion should have own sports club or sports centre, where you can also build your legionnaire career – Club Sportif et Artistique, CSA. First of all, it includes a fitness gym. It also depends on a regiment, if the clubs/centres include additionally a gym for combat sports or martial arts like boxing, kick-boxing, karate, judo etc. Mostly yes. During a week-end, if you are permitted by the Legion (your chiefs), you may be doing a parachute or diving (or another) course within a civil company, with another legionnaires (preferably with someone of non-commissioned officers) wanting to do the same thing. But as stated, it allways depends on your regiment or local conditions.

Nevertheless be sure, as a fresh lowest-rank legionnaire, you have to do your duty at first. Only in case that all your duties are fulfilled, you might think about fun and sports doing. But as your rank and time-in-service are growing up, your possibilities of using your time are extending too. If you are good in whatever you do (not only in sports), you will be sooner or later able to do it at your best.

What sports are legionnaires doing within the Foreign Legion in 2013? Here are some examples:


Brigadier-chef Riadh Sahraoui March 2013
Brigadier-chef Sahraoui of the 1er REC won the world kickboxing championship (March 23, 2013)
VIDEO: Brigadier-chef Riadh Sahraoui is double world kickboxing champion (March 23, 2013)

Extreme fighting (MMA):

Caporal-chef Sehi extreme fighting April 2013
Caporal-chef Sehi (left) of the 1er RE in the Pancrase Fighting Championship 5 (April 27, 2013)
Caporal-chef Sehi extreme fighting champion April 2013
Caporal-chef Sehi won the Pancrase Fighting Championship 5 (April 27, 2013)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu:

Caporal Figueiredo 1er RE Brazilian jiu-jitsu February 2013
Caporal Figueiredo of the 1er RE is the French champion of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (February 24, 2013)
1er RE and 2e REG Brazilian jiu-jitsu training June 2013
Legionnaires of the 1er RE and 2e REG during the special Brazilian jiu-jitsu training (June 15, 2013)


1er REC and 1er REG Duathlon March 2013
Legionnaires of the 1er REC and 1er REG in the military duathlon championship (March 10, 2013)


1er REG futsal April 2013
Legionnaires of the 1er REG won the regional futsal championship (April 2013)


1er REG swimming March 2013
Legionnaires of the 1er REG during the French military swimming championship (March 2013)

Images credit/source:
Légion étrangère official website


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