2e REP: Airbus A400M assault landing

In mid-September 2020, for the very first time, the legionnaires from the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) conducted an experimental assault landing exercise with the new European modern four-engine military transport aircraft, Airbus A400M. See photos + video.

The exercise took place at Solenzara Air Base, a NATO tactical training center in south-eastern Corsica (constructed by the United States Army Air Force during WWII). Around sixty legionnaires from the 1st Company and 5th Company participated, as well as several PVP 4×4 armored vehicles. It was the 2e REP’s very first such combat landing exercise performed with the new aircraft. The Airbus A400M has to replace older and smaller transport aircrafts used by French airborne units.

In July 2019, the 2e REP legionnaires were jumping from Airbus A400M for the very first time.

Exrecise with the Airbus A400M at Solenzara, September 2020.
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