French Foreign Legion preselection/selection center in Aubagne

The French Foreign Legion preselection center of Aubagne is one of the two preselection centers of the Legion. The Aubagne center, based at Quartier Vienot (main headquarters of the Legion), serves multiple role. It recruits new candidates, carries out an initial candidate preselection, and also operates the Foreign Legion’s crucial selection process.

The center in Aubagne should be open all year round, including on weekends and holidays (such as Christmas), 24 hours a day. That means you can enlist in the Legion at this center every day of the year and at any time. Once you are allowed to enlist, free food, free accommodation, and free clothing will be immediately provided to you by the Legion.

The center of Aubagne also runs several affiliated information offices — smaller recruiting centers — based in various towns in which a new candidate/volunteer can also enlist in the Legion:

If a candidate/volunteer has chosen to enlist in the Legion in one of these smaller recruiting centers, he will undergo an initial interview with a long-serving legionnaire. If there is no problem and the candidate/volunteer is allowed to enlist in the Legion, he is immediately provided with free accommodation, free food, and free clothing, like in Aubagne, or at the Foreign Legion preselection center in Paris.

Within 7 days, all gathered candidates/volunteers are provided with a free train ticket and sent to Aubagne to join the main selection process. Any candidate/volunteer wanting to serve in the Legion has to undergo this crucial selection process and successfully pass the required tests (psycho, sports, and medical tests). For more information about entry requirements, see: Joining the French Foreign Legion.


Address of the preselection/selection center in Aubagne

The preselection/selection center in Aubagne is located within the 1st Foreign Regiment (1er RE), the headquarters of the French Foreign Legion.

Centre de Présélection
Quartier Vienot
Route de la Légion – BP 21355
Phone: (33) 04 42 18 12 57


Google Street View of the French Foreign Legion preselection/selection center in Aubagne

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Google Maps location of the French Foreign Legion preselection/selection center in Aubagne


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