French Foreign Legion: 185th Anniversary

On March 10, 2016, the French Foreign Legion commemorates the 185th anniversary of its founding on March 10, 1831. That day, a decree of the Council of State ratified the royal ordinance signed by Louis Philippe, the King of the French, on March 9. In the Article 1re of this three-article ordinance, the king authorized to form a Legion of Foreigners (Légion d’Etrangers) inside France.

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Keep smiling during the hard times

Every man knows that the difficult moments he was confronted with during his life and managed them, they will transform later into great memories. The difficulties and the fun are the essences which the man needs to live a good life. The French Foreign Legion, and the army in general, provides men with both a little bit of difficulties and a little bit of fun…

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French Foreign Legion: New units establishing

While the year of 2014 was marked by reorganization of the French Army with reducing its personnel and several unit dissolutions, including combat units within the Foreign Legion (e.g. 5th Squadron of 1er REC, 5th Company of 2e REI), the current year of 2015 is significant by reverse policy actions – increasing personnel serving in the French Army and (re-)creating the new combat units.

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