Lt Colonel Eric Hildebert: 40 years in the Legion

In mid-March 2017, Lieutenant Colonel Eric Hildebert left the Foreign Legion, after his 40 years of service. An officer à titre étranger (a commissioned foreigner), he enlisted in the Legion as a young volunteer in 1977.

Eric Hildebert did his basic training at Caserne Lapasset of Castelnaudary (southern France), within the Foreign Legion Training Regiment (RILE, which was retitled to 4e RE in 1980).

Thereafter, he served with the 1er REC (Cavalry Regiment), 3e REI, 1er RE, 4e RE, 5e RE, 1er REG (Engineer Regiment) and with the DLEM (Detachment in Mayotte).

Last years of his career in the Foreign Legion, Lt Colonel Eric Hildebert served as the commander of the Detachment of 2e REI at Camp Garrigue.

He is a great example of a simple legionnaire, who rose through the ranks to a respected high-ranking officer. By the end of his career, Lt Colonel Eric Hildebert was the most senior and highest ranking foreigner in the Legion.

2e REI - 2017 - Foreign Legion Etrangere - Lt Colonel Eric Hildebert

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