French Foreign Legion: New units establishing

While the year of 2014 was marked by reorganization of the French Army with reducing its personnel and several unit dissolutions, including combat units within the Foreign Legion (e.g. 5th Squadron of 1er REC, 5th Company of 2e REI), the current year of 2015 is significant by reverse policy actions – increasing personnel serving in the French Army and (re-)creating the new combat units.

On 20 November 2015, the 5th Squadron of the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC) was re-created. The same day, the 4th Company of the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (1er REG) was established. We also know, according to the latest REP INFO bulletin, that within the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), the new 5th Company, “Desert Company”, is going to be established.

Because of this new policy, and due to the transformation of the 13e DBLE into a regular combat regiment during next two years, the Legion is accepting 700 more recruits this year (1,700 instead of 1,000) and this recruiting level, probably, will continue in 2016 too.

2e REI: 5th Company recreated - 5e Compagnie recree
5th Company of 2e REI parading during the re-establishing ceremony in Nimes (June 15, 2015)
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1er REC: 5th Squadron recreated - 5e Escadron recree
5th Squadron of 1er REC parading during the re-establishing ceremony at Camp de Carpiagne (November 20, 2015); © Photo credit:
1er REG: 4th Company created - 4e Compagnie cree
In Laudun, the 4th Company of 1er REG received its banner (November 20, 2015)
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2e REP: 5th Company created - 5e Compagnie cree
At Camp Raffalli, the future 5th “Desert” Company of 2e REP (October 2015)

5th Squadron of 1er REC re-establishing:

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