2e REG: March 2022 Mountain Training

The 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment (2e REG), the youngest regiment of the French Foreign Legion, is a unit that trains its men for mountain warfare. See a few nice images from the March 2022 training in the French Alps.

The 2e REG, nicknamed as the “Mountain Regiment”, makes part of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (27e BIM) which today gathers all the French mountain troops (four regiments and four battalions, including mountain commandos). The 2e REG is able to carry out a variety of military, construction and demolition tasks under extreme climatic conditions.

Here are some images showing 2e REG legionnaires during their March 2022 winter mountain training in the French Alps. As a matter of interest, the images present the High Mountain Team Leader course (CEHM), which is open to cadres and legionnaires. After two weeks of training, they will be able to lead a team within a military detachment in the high mountains and to act as an assistant instructor in the fields of the training received.



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