2e REI: 2021 El Moungar

After four years, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) commemorated once again their regimental holiday, El Moungar, in public. See the images.

While in 2018 and 2019 the El Moungar festivities were discreet, out of the public eye, the pandemic year 2020 did not allow any official celebrations at all. That’s why this year, on September 24, the regiment returned to the local Roman Empire arena to parade there for the public, as usually did prior to 2018. For the next two days, Saturday and Sunday (September 25-26), the regiment opened its gates to all the civilians who wanted visit the 2e REI legionnaires at their base.

El Moungar Day marks the almost eight-hour Battle of El Moungar (September 2, 1903), a battle that occurred in the so-called South Oran territory, on the Algeria-Morocco border, North Africa. That day, part of the 22nd Mounted Company, 2nd Foreign Regiment under Captain Vauchez were attacked by about 250-300 Moroccan bandits. Captain Vauchez and his deputy Lieutenant Selchauhansen (a Danish officer) were killed, as well as 34 legionnaires. Another 47 legionnaires were seriously wounded. Since then, the regiment has annually commemorated their fallen from that battle.

2021 El Moungar in Nimes.
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2021 El Moungar – 2e REI parades in the Roman Empire’s Arena of Nîmes.
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