Foreign Legion Recruiting Group

1er RE insigniaGroupement de Recrutement de la Légion Etrangère, GRLE. The newest unit of the Foreign Legion. Established in July 2007, the group is based at Fort de Nogent in Paris. The GRLE is directly subordinate to the Foreign Legion Command (COMLE).

The group is responsible for the recruitment process of the Foreign Legion. It also conducts initial candidate selection in Paris and Aubagne.

In 2018, the GRLE obtained a new regimental color of the 11e REI (1939-40) to guard it and maintain the traditions of that World War II unit.

Foreign Legion Recruiting Group - GRLE - Groupement de Recrutement de la Légion Etrangère


Current structure of the GRLE

The GRLE is divided (in 2024) into 2 companies and consists of about 130 personnel.

The Foreign Legion Recruiting Group ensures the enlistment of new candidates/volunteers and manages the initial preselection process that precedes the crucial selection process of the Legion. It provides information about the Legion; recruits volunteers and provides them with food and accommodation; offers a basic medical examination; and establishes initial contracts with candidates. The GRLE also ensures transportation of these candidates to the main selection center in Aubagne.

In 2024, the GRLE is composed of:

  • Foreign Legion Transit Company (Compagnie de Transit de la Légion Etrangère, CTLE)
  • Foreign Legion Recruiting Company (Compagnie de Recrutement de la Légion Etrangère, CRLE)


Foreign Legion Transit Company – CTLE

The CTLE ensures the enlistment of new candidates/volunteers and provides support for wounded and hospitalized legionnaires in the Ile de France region. The company is also in charge of the transit of Legion detachments going abroad. The CTLE operates nine Legion recruiting centers (Poste d’Information de la LE, PILE) and is responsible for the transit of new candidates/volunteers enlisted in those recruiting centers/posts to the preselection centers located in Paris and Aubagne. These nine PILE recruiting centers/posts are:


Foreign Legion Recruiting Company – CRLE

The CRLE is responsible for candidate selection. It operates two preselection centers:

  • Paris (Preselection center North)
  • Aubagne (Preselection center South)

In those centers, the CRLE manages an initial preselection process. If a candidate passes the initial tests, he can join the crucial selection process required to become a legionnaire. The latter is managed within the Selection & Incorporation Center (CSI) of Aubagne.


Foreign Legion Recruiting & Information Offices – BIRLE

Bureau d’Information et de Recrutement de la Légion Etrangère. In addition to the aforementioned preselection centers, the GRLE runs two autonomous recruiting and information BIRLE offices, located outside metropolitan France: one in Tahiti, French Polynesia (Pacific Ocean; created in 2018) and another in Réunion (Indian Ocean; created in 2021). Both serve only the local inhabitants of these islands, French nationals. The offices carry out the entire selection process (IQ and personality tests, sports tests, medical tests), including a security screening.


MOTTO: Honneur et Fidélité (Honor and Fidelity)
REGIM. MARCH: Conquérir des volontaires
OFFIC. FB PAGE: Recrutement de la Légion étrangère


Location of the Foreign Legion Recruiting Group



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