4e RE: 2024 Exercise Fierbois

See some images from the military exercise which was organized by the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) in southern France in late May 2024.

The regimental exercise “Fierbois” (Wild woods) involved about 600 legionnaires from the 4e RE, the training regiment of the French Foreign Legion. The exercise took place between May 21 and 30 in difficult, steep terrain and villages of the Occitanie region: in the sectors of Vaudreille, Verdun-en-lauragais, Les Cammazes, Saissac, and Arfons, ending up in Saint-Denis.

With a view to preparing for tomorrow’s high-intensity combat, this exercise enabled the cadres to work on the tactical and operational fundamentals of the legionnaires who had sometimes only two months of basic instruction.

According to Colonel Montull, commanding officer of the 4th Foreign Regiment, the future is uncertain and it is necessary to prepare the men to be ready.

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