2e REP: 2023 Exercise Caillaud

In January 2023, a class of the Saint-Cyr Special Military School (ESM), France’s most prestigious military academy, partook in an exercise in Corsica. There, the future officers trained alongside legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), also a prestigious unit within the French Army.

The General Caillaud Class, named after a former 2e REP colonel, Robert Caillaud (1963-1965), went to Corsica for an intensive training with the 2e REP. Placed at the head of a platoon, each cadet tested his combat leadership in all environments: nautical infiltration, initiation to motorized combat, use of explosives or specific weapons, combat in urban areas, etc. This first phase also allowed the future officers to discover the specialties of the regiment’s companies, set up in Algeria in 1963 by their class patron, when he commanded the 2e REP.

Around 200 cadets and 500 legionnaires participated in the exercise, as well as a detachment from the 5th Combat Helicopter Regiment (5e RHC).

PHOTOS: 2e REP: 2023 Exercise Caillaud
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