3e REI: Another rotation to arrive in 2020

To replace legionnaires leaving the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI), the French Foreign Legion’s unit based in French Guiana of South America, another rotation of this year arrived in August.

Before passing through the obligatory jungle course, the newly arriving legionnaires received the regimental triple fourragère from the hands of the second-in-command. This exceptional distinction ranks the regiment among the two most decorated military units in France.

The new arrivals (around twenty men) are volunteers coming from the Legion regiments based in mainland France and Corsica. Every year, there are several such rotations going to Guiana. It’s because the 3e REI is an overseas unit consisting of personnel that are rotated every two years (so called Long Duration Mission, MLD; in some cases, it might be prolonged to three years).

New arrivals to receive the triple fourragère. Click on the FB icon to see all photos:

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