3e REI: 3rd Company in Suriname 2019

In late November 2019, the legionnaires from the 3rd Company, 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) carried out shooting exercises in Suriname, a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America.

Suriname is situated south of French Guiana where the Foreign Legion’s famous 3rd Regiment is stationed. Its legionnaires are being deployed to Suriname anually for conducting such shooting exercises.

Also this year, they were training day and night, between November 8 and 22. First, in shooting with their specialty weapons at an individual level. Second, at a group level and third, at a platoon level. Then, the men tactically applied their trained skills against the enemy played by Surinamese soldiers in a simulated combat action.

PHOTOS. 3e REI – 3rd Company in Surinam, November 2019.
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