3e REI: 2016 Operations Willau and Foudre

In August 2016, legionnaires from the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) were involved in two operations – Operation Willau 10 and Operation Foudre 4 – in the deep jungle of French Guiana, South America.

The joint military operations were conducted by the Guiana Armed Forces (Forces Armées en Guyane, FAG) from late July until mid-August. They took part in south-eastern part of French Guiana, in the Camopi region, close to the border with Brazil. Several French military branches, including 3e REI legionnaires (from the 3rd Company), participated in.

The operations made part of Operation Harpie. Since 2008, the operation has been aimed against illegal gold-diggers crossing the Brazilian border to mine in the Guiana’s jungle.

3e REI - 2016 - Operations Willau - Foudre
© Image credit: 3e REI/Légion étrangère
3e REI - 2016 - Operations Willau - Foudre
French soldiers, including 3e REI legionnaires (bush hats, green berets), during the operations in the Camopi region, French Guiana in August 2016… © Image credit: 3e REI/Légion étrangère

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3e REI – Operations Willau et Foudre

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