4e RE: Training at CENTAC 2016

Currently, around 600 legionnaires from the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE), the training unit of the French Foreign Legion consisting of about 1,600 men now and based at Castelnaudary (southern France), are participating in military training at CENTAC (Combat Training Center), placed at Camp de Mailly, the base of the 5th Dragoon Regiment (5e RD).

Young legionnaires doing their basic training in 4e RE are involved, together with future corporals and NCOs of the Foreign Legion, in several miliatry courses and maneuvers conducted by the CENTAC.

See all pictures (credited by 4e RE/Legion Etrangere) :
4e RE – Depart for CENTAC
4e RE – Training at CENTAC I.
4e RE – Training at CENTAC II.

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