Andrew J. Mitchell: Collecting French Foreign Legion Insignia – 2nd Foreign Regiment

In early April 2022, a new English-written book dedicated to the French Foreign Legion was released: Collecting French Foreign Legion Insignia, Volume II, 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment. Another original work of Andrew J. Mitchell, an Irish amateur historian and a Foreign Legion insignia collector.

Collecting French Foreign Legion Badges, Volume II represents a new book for collectors that more than adequately covers the history and official insignia of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI). A medium sized hardback contains 134 glossy pages with over 250 insignia and patches; this is topped off with dozens of unpublished photos of legionnaires from the 1920s to the present day.

The book is packed with information unavailable elsewhere and uncovers the myth surrounding many insignia while highlighting unknown information about those obscure units not often mentioned like SAED and the Tireur d’Elite. The book additionally provides a guide detailing the leading makers of the insignia and how to date certain makers and their insignia.

Andrew J. Mitchell is currently the only civilian member of the A.A.L.E.I., the official association of Irish former legionnaires, and serves as their historian. A passionate insignia collector and an owner of rare Foreign Legion photographs, he also administrates the Facebook page called Collecting French Foreign Legion Badges.

According to the author, his highly anticipated second volume is currently the most in-depth book written on the subject of the 2e REI insignia. Not only in the English-speaking world. Here are some samples from Andrew’s new book (click on to enlarge them):

The book is self-published by the author. It is presently available from Blurb. You can find it in the link below, including a nice preview:

Collecting French Foreign Legion Insignia, Volume II, 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

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