2e REP: 5th Company men visited a local tribe in New Caledonia

The 5th Company of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), the only airborne unit of the current French Foreign Legion, has been deployed to New Caledonia since June 2022. In this special overseas collectivity of France located east of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean, the Legion paratroopers carry out several tasks.

Besides the common military activities, the legionnaires of the 1st Platoon visited the local tribe of Tiouande in Touho, a municipality in the North Province of New Caledonia. The visit took five days, between July 25 and 29.

Warmly welcomed by the tribe, the 2e REP men quickly set to work. Three concrete slabs were poured, including the one destined for the floor of the future kitchen of the tribe’s common house. At the same time, a multitude of small tasks such as hunting or fishing and more generally learning about life in the countryside, were on the program for the legionnaires. During the week, they also learned about Kanak culture thanks to the “mothers” of the tribe.

These activities are seen as a necessity to understand the local environment and to fulfill the military tasks in the best way.

In New Caledonia, the 2e REP men are to remain four months, until October. They serve there as Parachute Company (COMPARA) of the New Caledonia Pacific Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMaP-NC). This regiment is composed of rotational elements coming from France every four months. The COMPARA is based at Plum, in the South Province of the principal island.

The usual tasks of the RIMaP-NC are maintaining order and a French presence in the region, carrying out daily training, working in support of the local population, or conducting military exercises with Australian and New Zealander soldiers.

2e REP - 5th Company - New Caledonia - 2022 - Touho
1st Platoon 5th Company 2e REP men visit the local tribe of Tiouande in Touho, in the North Province of New Caledonia, in late July 2022. Even such activities are part of the overseas deployments.
2e REP - 5th Company - New Caledonia - 2022 - Touho
2e REP legionnaires, with the help of locals, are preparing the concrete slab for the future common kitchen of the Tiouande tribe, late July 2022.
2e REP - 5th Company - New Caledonia - 2022 - Touho
2e REP men prepare the iron reinforcement before pouring concrete, late July 2022. Like their predecessors in France’s North Africa and Indochina, or the ancient legionnaires of the Roman Empire, even the modern legionnaires still act as warriors and builders in one.

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