13e DBLE: 2020 Documentary

See a new, well-rendered documentary covering young legionnaires of the 13th Foreign Legion Half Brigade (13e DBLE) at Camp Larzac, their military base nearby La Cavalerie, a small commune in southern France. The documentary was released in late November 2020. English subtitles included.

The documentary was made by young members of the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence (IHEDN), a French public academic institution for “research, education and promotion of expertise and sensitization towards defence matters”. The IHEDN was founded in 1936.

Just a note. At 08.10, the 13e DBLE’s Colonel explains the origins of the unit title. He says it’s because the original 13e Demi-brigade had a greater strength than a typical regiment at the time. This is a mistake, it was the other way around. The then 13e Demi-brigade was made of only two battalions while a typical French regiment in 1940 was made of three battalions.

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