13e DBLE: Foreign Legion marksmen win US Army Europe sniper contest

In late July 2019, marksmen of the French Foreign Legion’s 13th Half Brigade (13e DBLE) won the U.S. Army’s 2019 European Best Sniper Team Competition that took place at Grafenwoehr, Germany. The legionnaires became the winners among 32 teams from 16 countries being involved in the contest.

The annual contest is organized by the US Army Europe (US Army units stationed in Europe) for members and partner nations of the North Atlantic Alliance – NATO. It occurred between July 20-26. According to the organizers, the European Best Sniper Team Competition is a mentally and physically challenging seven-day competition, with more than 30 events to test multinational sniper squads on land navigation, advanced marksmanship, medical simulations and more, including a 12-mile hike with full kit, where many of the European teams finished ahead of Americans.

This year, 16 countries were represented: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

The legionnaires of the 13e DBLE representing France were followed by Czech and German marksmen on the second and the third place.

By the way, in the French national five-day sniper competion which occurred this early July, there were snipers from the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP) who emerged as the winners, followed by the snipers from the 13e DBLE and other 13 French teams.

The legionnaires are still well trained and belong among the top soldiers in the West. Congratulations!

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