3e REI: Corporal course slideshow

A very nice photo slideshow of a Corporal course conducted by the French Foreign Legion’s 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (3e REI) in the jungle of French Guiana, South America. Make a time for this more than 20 minutes long great video.

There are two types of the Corporal course (informally Stage caporal, formally Formation générale élémentaire, FGE) in the Legion: FGE Specialization 1 (FGE Filière 1, FGE F1) and FGE Specialization 2, FGE F2.

The first one, FGE F1, is conducted regularly by the Legion’s training regiment 4e RE and accepts legionnaires from all the Legion regiments of continental France, including the island of Corsica. The FGE F2 Corporal course is conducted by the regiment the junior caporals are currently serving in. The FGE F1 course lasts 8-9 weeks, the FGE F2 lasts only 4-5 weeks.

The FGE F2 usually accepts long-serving First Class (1re Classe) legionnaires or legionnaires not able to join the course in 4e RE because of a time pressure or a too long distance.

The FGE F2 captured in the slideshow took place in French Guiana in February 2013.

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