2e REP: More than 450 para-legionnaires taking part in military operations

According to the official website of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), the only airborne unit of the French Foreign Legion, more than 450 of its troops are joining military operations beyond France’s borders now, in January 2015.

The operations are conducted mostly in Africa. Several of the 2e REP’s companies and detachments will take part in anti-terrorist campaigns in Mali, Chad and Niger, being part of Operation Berkhane. One company will be sent to United Arab Emirates, to become a rotational infantry company of the 13e DBLE for next four months.

The rest of 2e REP troops will take part in Vigipirate security alert missions within France.

Information source:
2e Régiment Étranger de Parachutistes – the official website

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