PHOTOS: 2e CMRLE in Indochina in 1953

Again the PHOTOS series. This time, a set of rare pictures of the 2nd Foreign Legion Medium Repair Company (2e CMRLE), one of the six maintenance & repair companies of the Legion that participated in the First Indochina War (1946-1954).

The nice set comes from our friend Andrew J. Mitchell, an Irish amateur historian, a Foreign Legion insignia collector, and an author of several books dedicated to the French Foreign Legion, including his last one: Insignia of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment. Apart from many badges, Andi also owns an interesting collection of rare Foreign Legion pictures.

The photos were taken most likely in 1953, by a French Army official photographer, in Hue, a town in today’s Central Vietnam. The company was stationed there at the time, under Captain Compagnon and, since September 1953, under Captain Bretegnier. Its legionnaires carried out vehicle maintenance, repair, and evacuation tasks for French units operating in the region, including the Legion ones. Besides, the 2e CMRLE men were also able to repair artillery guns or armored trains… Enjoy the photos (click them to enlarge).

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