PHOTOS: 1963 2e REP training at Bou Sfer

Here is a small set of photos taken at Bou Sfer, Algeria, in late 1963. They present legionnaires of the prestigious 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), stationed there at the time, during their advanced training.

The pictures were part of a set of official photographs of the regiment taken to present the unit’s ongoing reorganization which took place after the Algerian War ended (in 1962). In 1963, after the 2e REP’s arrival at Bou Sfer, located in the northern part of the already independent Algeria, the high command decided to transform the regiment into a modern unit consisting of soldiers well-trained for different types of warfare. That was when the companies got their speciality, e.g. urban warfare, mountain warfare, or amphibious warfare. Besides, first commandos were formed as well. In early 1964, one of these images appeared even in an issue of Kepi Blanc, the Foreign Legion’s official magazine.

The photos were provided to our website by Krzysztof Schramm, historian of the A.A.A.L.E. de Pologne Foreign Legion veteran association and the author of the book called I regret nothing. Enjoy them.

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