Foreign Legion Music: Presentation of Drummers in Paris 2019

See a cool video showing a very nice performance of French Foreign Legion drummers from the famous Foreign Legion Music Band (MLE) when they were captured drumming for the public on the Champs-Elysées in Paris this July, before the 2019 Bastille Day Parade.

The well-known Foreign Legion Music Band is based within the Foreign Legion’s HQ in Aubagne. It is composed of around 60 musicians. Its members deploy regularly around the world to represent La Légion. They receive great respect for their prowess and professionalism.

In one month, the Foreign Legion Music Band would attend the International Military Music Festival in Moscow, the capital of Russia (between August 29 and September 02, 2019).

As a matter of interest, during ceremonies and parades, the current Music Band is headed by a Russian legionnaire. A former student of the military conservatoire in Moscow and a legionnaires since almost 20 years, he has gained the position of the Tambour Major, the most important NCO within the band, this year. Even if he is not presented in the video below, we can see him parading in front of the band while holding and tossing a long staff.


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