13e DBLE: Firing exercise at Larzac

In May 2018, legionnaires of the 13th Demi-Brigade of the Foreign Legion (13e DBLE) conducted a firing exercise at Camp Larzac, their garrison in southern France.

Within the camp, there are currently only legionnaires of the regiment’s 4th Company (short of a platoon being deployed to Liban in the Middle East) and the newly formed 5th Company + Combat Support Company (both units are estimated to have full strength in Summer 2018).

The HQ Company and 1st + 2nd Company, 13e DBLE, including their commanding officer, are serving in Mali (Africa) at the time. The 3rd Company of the regiment is deployed to Mayotte (Indian Ocean, close to Madagascar) to reinforce the DLEM.

The 13e DBLE has been stationed at Camp Larzac since 2016. However, the unit went through basic training there during its formation in March 1940. At Larzac, the regiment operates the CEITO (Operational Shooting Training Center), a large French Army military training center.

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