French Foreign Legion Height and Weight Requirements

What are the height and weight requirements for joining the French Foreign Legion? Believe it or not, the Foreign Legion has NO height or weight requirements nor official limits. The only aspect the Legion takes into account is your Body Mass Index (BMI), which can simply be calculated using your height and weight.

The BMI easily determines whether you aren’t obese or skinny. If you would like to enlist in the Foreign Legion, your BMI must be between 18 and 30. That means the minimum BMI number has to be 18, and the maximum cannot exceed 30. These are the only height and weight requirements you need to meet to join the Legion.

How to calculate your BMI? Take your body weight (in kilograms/kg) and divide it by the square of your body height (given in meters/m).

The square of your body height refers to:
(your height, in meters/m) x (your height, in meters/m) = ??? (m2).

It is much better to be over your minimum BMI or under your maximum BMI to not be stopped from joining the Foreign Legion and getting a chance to be selected.

French Foreign Legion Height and Weight Requirements - Foreign Legion Body Mass Requirement - Foreign Legion Height and Weight Limit

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