Home of Legionnaire in Auriol in 1934

A few days ago, the French Foreign Legion published a video with rare images from 1934, showing the freshly open Home of Legionnaire, a retirement home for Legion veterans. The home is located in Auriol, northeast of Marseille, and some 6 miles (10 km) northeast of Aubagne, the headquarters of the Legion.

The Home of Legionnaire is a complex of buildings with a total area of six acres (25,000 m2). It was open on July 8, 1934, with the great help of General Rollet, the Father of the Legion. The home was able to accommodate a sixty of veterans. Currently, it offers 80 apartments. Approximately 70 of them are occupied now, by former legionnaires who are unmarried, physically fit, and able to pay the accommodation. The residents are between 40+ and 90+ years old.

Since the beginning, the home hasn’t been officially connected with the Legion. Apart from rents, it lives on voluntary contributions and donations. Part of them comes from the Foreign Legion Mutual Aid Foyer (FELE), a public institution run by Foreign Legion Command. The rest of financial aid is provided by private donators.

Between mid-2012 and late 2020, the home was managed by Lieutenant Colonel Zlatko Sabljic.

Besides the Home of Legionnaire, another retirement home accommodates Foreign Legion veterans: Foreign Legion Disabled Veterans Institution (IILE), based at Puyloubier. Open in May 1955 and located about 10 miles (16 km) north of Auriol, this home is much larger and is officially run by the Legion.

Home of Legionnaire in 1934:


Home of Legionnaire in 2018, with almost the same narration:

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