Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

The year 2020 has almost passed away and Christmas Eve is coming. So, this is a suitable time for another annual recapitulation. See what has been already done this year on this website, and my future plans for next year.

Three months ago, in September 2020, the personal online project Foreign Legion Info started its ninth season in promoting the unrivaled French Foreign Legion and its history in the English-speaking world. I am glad to see that you, the readers, still enjoy it.


What has been done in 2020?

As we all know, this year was a bit particular. Despite that fact, the real life still goes on. The Foreign Legion itself saw in 2020 one of its largest overseas deployment in the last 30 years, since the 1990-91 Gulf War in Iraq. A two-regiment strength (over 2,000 legionnaires) served abroad at one time, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa to chase local rebels and terrorists. And even I personally was occupied in those times with my own duties, maybe more than during the “ordinary” years. But, let’s summarize.

In December 2019, I announced here my planned tasks for 2020. The list included the intention to publish articles covering the Legion Repair Platoons in Africa, as well as the 2nd Foreign Legion and the 12th Foreign Infantry Regiment. These tasks were achieved.

Another planned task was to rework the articles covering history of the 13e DBLE, 3e REI and 4e REI. Eventually, only the 4th Foreign Infantry Regiment was fully upgraded to represent well the anticipated quality standard of this website.

Lastly, from the announced articles to cover the Legion’s battles or campaigns in, only two of them were finally released: Foreign Legion in the Balkans: 1915-1919, published in May, and Foreign Legion in Madagascar in 1947-1951, published in November. The latter is an interesting one because the topic was elaborated neither in France nor abroad previously. Moreover, only a few rare pics documenting that period were known earlier to occur.

The almost similar conclusion deserves the article about the Legion in the Balkans during WWI; the topic was lastly worked out in France in 1922 and has been copied over and over since then, including the same less or more serious errors. Nevertheless, the main mission of this website is to reveal the already forgotten history of the Foreign Legion and its lost secrets through useful information that are as much accurate as possible.

Besides the works noted above, other articles were published as well: Foreign Legion Mounted Companies, Foreign Regiments Joint Depot and a smaller article dedicated to Prince Aage of Denmark, a Foreign Legion officer from the Danish royal family.


The tasks for 2021

What about my plans for the coming year? What should be done?

Taking into consideration the current situation and the assessment of my previous tasks vs the reality, I rather would not do any precise plans right now. I know I should rework all of my obsolete articles dedicated to the currently serving units. However, the 4e REI history article took me six weeks to write and publish it when dealing with my ordinary duties simultaneously. So, I would be able to publish about eight such articles in the next year, if all is going fine. Nevertheless, the 1st Foreign Regiment’s history page doesn’t even exist on this website and 2021 marks the 180th anniversary of the unit. So, this is the first adept for being processed.

Besides, I have bought rare, original documents belonging to the 6th Battalion, Provisional Foreign Regiment that was in process of formation in Northern France during the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War). As being typical for my interest and for this website, the battalion is completely forgotten to this day by the Legion. A recent example: a huge, impressive article mapping in detail the sad conflict with Prussians appeared in the Kepi Blanc magazine this year; within its well-written twenty! pages (the largest article ever published in Kepi blanc, I guess), there isn’t even a word about the 6th Battalion. Unfortunately, but as expected… From France, I recall only a single source mentioning that unit, an old book from the 19th century. So, I would like to write an article dealing with this war (150th anniversary) and, along with it, expose a bit the forgotten 6th Battalion which later participated in operations in Algeria.

The topics for other articles to come into existence are unknown right now. However, I am ready to improve the website’s content as much as possible.


Support – Thanks

I would like to warmly thank all of you that supported this website through the Foreign Legion Info’s U.S. based Store or the EU-based Shop. I tried to refresh a little the designs and to add something new this year. I know it’s nothing great or “cool”. That’s why I have to thank you once again for carrying on with visiting the store/shop. I really appreciate your support. It helps me to cover partially the costs and the work that this website requires.

I also have to thank my friends Joe (Voltigeur), Krzysztof, Andi, Frans (old-NLLegioen and his new, reworked page new-NLLegioen) and others, especially Anikó Melchner Kőhegyi and Claude Fossé, for helping me with my effort and for sharing with us their rare informations, rare images or documents. Many thanks!!

That’s all. I hope you will continue to enjoy this website and that you will find information in the articles always useful and interesting.

As every late December, I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face in the coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2021.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

1938 Christmas Eve at Foum El Hassan, a Moroccan post of the Automobile Mounted Company, 4e REI of Captain Gaultier (his close-up at 1:20). Awesome images.