4e RE: Remise de Képis blancs in Bordeaux 2015

On 13 October 2015, volunteers from the 3rd Engaged Volunteer Company (3e CEV), 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) of the French Foreign Legion, having finished first four weeks of 4-month-long basic training, obtained their Képi blanc and became officially the legionnaires during the Remise de Képi blanc (Obtaining the White kepi) ceremony in Bordeaux, a port city in southwestern France.

A platoon consisting of 60 volunteers aged between 18 and 36 years, composed of 35 nationalities from around the world, took part in the ceremony after having marched 50 km (31 miles) with full equipment in two days, during the so-called Marche Képi blanc. The Foreign Legion Music Band (MLE) was involved in the ceremony.

4e RE: Remise de Képis blancs in Bordeaux 2015
A platoon of volunteers from 3e CEV, 4e RE, waiting during the Remise de Képis blancs ceremony in Bordeaux (October 13, 2015); © Photo credit: Défense Sud-Ouest

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